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CCAG Show - 2009.5

CCAGShow 2009.5 HOT News Alert!

Super Fighter Team will present Zaku
The all new shooter for the Atari Lynx
Right here at the CCAGSHOW 2009.5!

Bill White

"72 Pin Connector"

Video game rap artist Bill White
will perform music from his new CD
72 Pin Connector

LIVE at the CCAGSHOW 2009.5!

CCAGShow 2009.5 - Prizes Donated by Sponsors
Video Game Connection donated a $100.00 "CONNECT - O - CASH" Shopping Spree!
Osmodiar Games donated the CCAG Mystery Cart #2 (Unreleased NES Game)
Chase the Chuckwagon had donated 3, 1 year Free Seller Memberships
Retro USB donated an Ultimate Frogger Champion game for the NES
Collectorz.com donated a Video Game Collector Pro license.
Video Game Collection cataloging software
Hyperkin donated a retroGENMobile system.
Game Over donated a Retro Duo Combo w/20 games (10 NES/10 SNES).
Good Deal Games/Homebrew Heaven donated a Goody Bag Full of Gaming Goodness
Superfighter Team donated the FIRST copy of Zaku for the Atari Lynx
Atari Video Club donated a $25 Gift Certificate
We also had more Ricky's Hot Sauce and Twin Galaxies Posters as well

The following photos courtesy of:

Mike Gedeon - Video Game Connection


Matt Teske - Osmodiar Games

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