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Well, the show has come and gone. And with the exception of a couple of minor glitches here and there (hopefully un-noticed by everyone but myself and Mike) all seemed to go well.

There were some great highlights to the show. We had 2 Twin Galaxies Top 10 High Scores set, back in the tournament/arcade area! One was on Kaboom! for the Atari 2600 and the other was on Guitar Hero III (Metallica’s “One”).

There were some great prizes that day and some very lucky winners! In addition to the prizes that we knew about ahead of time, we also had some great donations on the day of the show. Including a custom Nes controller, a Coleco plug and play game and a really cool Sega Game Gear lot with some rare import games including a 71 in 1 multicart!!

Also, that night we debuted the NEW and improved CCAGShow website as you can see!
Thanks to Butch at K9-Dezyne, it is a great improvement!

We wish to thank you all for coming out to Buy, Sell, Trade, Play and revel in all things gaming!
Hope you all had a great time!

We encourage any suggestions you may have to improve the next show.
Please feel free to "Contact us"!

Also, there are already some table reservation requests for the Saturday, May 23rd 2009 show, so you may want to consider reserving your hot spot as soon as possible while they are available.

Thanks again! And we hope to see you Saturday, May 23rd 2009!


The following photos courtesy of Video Game Connection

ccag20085-01 ccag20085-02 ccag20085-03 ccag20085-04
ccag20085-05 ccag20085-06 ccag20085-07 ccag20085-08
ccag20085-09 ccag20085-10 ccag20085-11 ccag20085-12
ccag20085-13 ccag20085-14 ccag20085-15 ccag20085-16
ccag20085-17 ccag20085-18 ccag20085

The following photos courtesy of Chuck "Pac-Man" Amicone.

CCAG20085pacman-00 CCAG20085pacman-01 CCAG20085pacman-02 CCAG20085pacman-03
CCAG20085pacman-04 CCAG20085pacman-05 CCAG20085pacman-06 CCAG20085pacman-07
CCAG20085pacman-08 CCAG20085pacman-09 CCAG20085pacman-10 CCAG20085pacman-11
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